If we look the next season in menswear collections, we will see is full of contrasts that dialogue with the

visualasymmetries from the color’s perception. What does this mean? On the one side, we have a Pantone palette fully dynamic and fresh, with soft warm and vibrant nuances, otherwise, the neutral palette is exquisite, -limited- but predominant that joins the trends of the street, tailoring, and even the sports style.





Vibrants colors that we love

The premise seems to be simple: the game of color and contrasts this 2019 will be very present, the vibrant orange, blue, yellow and green are opposed with prints in fluor. If we talk about Pantone: Party, Turmeric, Living coral, Princess blue, Lemon verbena, Pink peacock and Pressed rose are the favorites.

Neutral: the perfect counterpoint for an elegant look

The palette of neutrals is just exquisite, although it is very limited to gray, raw and nuances of blue, they work perfectly in a season where color will be everything. The result is a casual and elegant look. we love how the classic forms reappear in contrasts of rupturist designs.