About Us

STROBEL inc. was founded in 1942, as an company specialized in LININGS textiles made from acetate and viscose. Throughout the years our emphasis has always been good design, large assortment and the optimal quality of our fabrics.

Nowadays we have the most modern looms available; Picanol Omniplus. Our different processes from the selection of yarn until the final dyed (coloring Öko-Tex) are made by Strobel inc., which ensures optimal quality.

¿What we look for?

ADD VALUE TO YOUR BRAND. We want to be THE SUPPLIER who facilitates the production process. Developing together a set of designs and exclusive samples, resulting in unique pieces for your brands, with constant communication during the developing of designs which does not exceed 20 days, that ends with a high quality textile.

¿What we want to achieve?

Support the design process of each brand and improve your possibilities. Optimize your quality standard, enhancing the lining area and its design.