Perramus: Absolute Quality

Luisina Luisoni and María Mercedes Falco are part of the Product Department that defines the products and trends that each season proposes Perramus, an exclusive Argentine brand whose strength are coats, bomber jackets and trenches. A responsibility that must perfectly blend the tradition of a brand with almost a century of history and an identity that reached the point where the brand replaces the product.
-If I have a Perramus, I have the best trench.
With this statement, Maria Mercedes establishes the status of the brand and gives Luisina a way to explain the fundamental concept that inspires the creations of Perramus ..
– As a reference we are always looking at Europe, Massimo Dutti and Burberry are important referents for the brand, although we try to generate something that is Perramus. There are things we keep and things we always try to improve. Assure absolute quality in everything ..
And that quality is reflected mainly in the details, even those that go unnoticed for most. Luisina explains it this way :.
“At Perramus, we’re thinking who’s going to use it.” You look at it from the outside and inside and you find things that you can not see with the naked eye. You open it and have a flap or you find embroidery, these are things that add, and creates a whole garment.

Luisina and Maria Mercedes agree that their client is very classic and knows how to value those aspects; the details. However, for them everything boils down to the use of the garment.
“In our case the lining is something very important and the interior is almost everything. Plaid is almost like the institutional design of the brand. There are even people who do not realize and see some product and do not know why they like it over another. If you start looking, you have a more detailed work, you do not perceive it quickly, the experience is different.
The Argentine brand works closely with Strobel, precisely in those details that make the difference and that are so valued in the Perramus Product Department.
– It opens up options to situations of design where we can choose and we can contribute, play with the colors or with different combinations of pantones. They offer us many possibilities to combine, to do things.
According to Luisina, the current design of Perramus considers a unique aspect for each creation.
“It’s becoming more and more personal to me.” The issue is that for each garment there is a lining, that is what we are incorporating. At another time it was about being in tune and finishing the garment, and now the liner is the product. I choose the main fabric with the lining, the buttons. It is part of the design. Today the garment is designed with the lining for it and the accessories. It is very specific, it has to do with the spirit of each one.